It’s finally here!

We’re no longer the plumber with a leaky tap!

Our new website is finally here and we’re excited to be showcasing our fabulous clients and the work of my brilliant and talented creative team.

Justified have now been operating since 2008 and updating this website was a great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and see where we’ve come from and what we’ve done over the last 8 years. I’m very grateful that we’re still going strong and the clients we have worked with over the years have made it an absolute pleasure (ok most of the time). Running a small business can be tricky at times and I’ve had my challenges along the way but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

So this was the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all my amazing clients and contractors who have supported and referred me along the way and I look forward to what lies ahead.

Enjoy our new website and send us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

Simone :)


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