Bonfire Finance

bonfirefinancelogoWe were lucky enough to be introduced to the lovely Leon Kingston by a mutual colleague when he was looking to take the plunge and branch out on his own.

Leon’s mission, when setting up Bonfire Finance, was to ‘Change the world one loan at a time’ and upon meeting him, we knew that if anyone had the passion and desire to do this it was him!

As he does with all his clients in the finance world, we sat down and talked about what it is he wanted to achieve and how he wanted to go about it. With that in mind, the name Bonfire Finance was created and the brand followed and he thought it was a cracker (pardon the pun!).

We have followed Leon and his success and we’re always on hand for that advice and anything else that he requires to achieve what he wants to do and we have every faith that he will continue to set the finance world on fire (and again)!


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